What’s Your Response To
“How’s The Market?”

Let’s say you are introduced to someone and during the conversation they ask you what you do. You identify yourself as a Realtor or Lender. Their next question will probably be, “How’s the market?”

How do you answer? Would you say, “Not bad” or, “It’s picking up” or, “I’m busy”?

The truth is, when people ask “How’s the market?” what they’re really asking is, “How is my market?”

They are not interested in how many homes you are selling or how many loans you have done. Instead of saying the market is “good” or “not bad” or “picking up,” you can use my Magic Words That Get Referrals dialogue to begin a relationship, lead with a giving hand, and offer to send free information specific to their market.

Watch my training video below and learn how to get leads for free:


The next time you are asked "How's the market?", imagine using this dialogue to begin a relationship, which can lead to referrals, transactions, and repeat business…and it didn’t cost you one penny.


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