Using Craigslist To Generate Free Leads

Ok, I'm going to cut right to the chase…

If you’re not using Craigslist to generate leads, you’re missing a huge opportunity to get your phone ringing with quality prospects who will buy or sell a home in the next 3-6 months.

And the best thing about Craigslist? It's FREE.

Here's a 30-minute interview with Chris Hancock, a current By Referral Only Member who has become a craigslist guru.

In this interview, Chris shares his secrets to getting quality leads from Craigslist; walks us through his step-by-step process of creating Craigslist posts using HTML code; and offers the key to producing effective postings.

Click to play the interview >>>    (29:05)  Download the MP3 File

The tips and strategies Chris shares are not clever theories, but actual practices that he uses every day to generate bankable results for his thriving business.

This interview is taken straight from the Main Event Live Craigslist Bonus Program, where you get step-by-step instructions on how to set up a craigslist account, how to post your ads, how to use HTML to boost the response to your ads, and more…

Anji And Yvonne Used The By Referral Only Craigslist Program, Too…

After Anji Lang, with Coldwell Banker Legacy in Corrales, New Mexico, joined the community, “one of the assignments from my Coach was to read the Member Breakthrough about using craigslist in my marketing.

I did, and started putting my listings on there at least a couple of times a week and I’ve gotten phenomenal results.

The very first one I did brought me a call the very next day on one of my listings.
I took the client to see it. It wasn’t quite the house for her, but within a week we’d found her another house and helped her buy it.

Commission:                              $4,120

Cost to post on craigslist:      $0

“Each week when I put my Flyers on craigslist, I get calls on my listings. Once you get a system going and you’ve done it a couple of times, it’s a breeze to do. It enhances your business and the exposure for your listings. And then, even if the person who calls isn’t interested in your listings, you can end up with a new client.

“When I started in real estate I was doing almost one transaction a month, and there were a couple of months when I didn’t have any. Now I’ve reached my short-term goal of three transactions a month, and I have quite a few buyers I’m working with to keep that going.

“In terms of joining the community, I can’t think of a more well-thought-out program to be in. I’ve never seen a program that helps you become so organized. Joe Stumpf spends so much time thinking of us, not himself. I would recommend By Referral Only to anyone.”


Yvonne Coelet, with Monument Properties AZ in Lakeside, Arizona, shared her results on the By Referral Only Message Board:

"I joined By Referral Only in November of 2009. I attended the Advanced Craigslist Specialist TeleClass and the light bulb went off for me!

"Since February I have been posting my ads on Craigslist (offering a copy of my weekly foreclosure list) and I have added just over 500 names to my subscription list. If that weren't good enough, I have already closed a little over $8,000 in commissions. I have another $12,000 in possible commissions in escrow.

"Right now my Craigslist business accounts for two-thirds of my current business.

"Being a member of By Referral Only has paid off for me!"

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