Instantly Turbo-Charge Your Marketing

You’ve easily spent $100’s, on the low side, to $10,000 on the high side, marketing your business.
And you're probably spending some money on one or all of these…

Display Ads; Classified Ads; Newsletters; Your Website; Postcards

Are you breaking even? Are you getting a return? Do you know???

When you know how to write ads that focus entirely on your prospects and compel them to call you, you can exponentially improve the return you get on your current budget… with no additional cost.

Every time you run a display ad in a home's magazine, it costs you the same amount of money whether you get 3 calls or 30 calls or 300 hundred calls.

Let’s say your website gets 500 visitors a month and generates 5 leads—and you can improve your website to get 50 leads from the same 500 visitors – you’ve increased your return 10 times!

Imagine getting 10X the results from your same marketing budget? What would that do for your business, your income, your LIFE?

One of the easiest ways to turbo-charge your marketing is to use control words. Effective lead generators that compel prospects to make contact with you include these tested and proven words:

• Free Recorded Message
Free Home Finder Service

Free Home Loan Finder Service

Lovely Home(s)

Low Down or Zero Down Payment
Tree-Lined Streets

Quiet Street(s)

136 Home Loan Options

Consumer Awareness Hotline

Give them a try on your next campaign… In test after test using these words in marketing continue to produce 2X, 5X, 10X the results of traditional “Get Your Name Out There” style of advertising.

I encourage you to use the control words we’ve tested and proven in all regions and all states of the market for nearly 30 years. Measure the bankable results you get. Then compare your results to your previous campaigns. Do your own experiments.

I guarantee you'll be pleased with the increased results you get – and it won’t cost you a penny more.

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