7 “Magic” Words You Can Use To Make Anyone Pay Attention To You INSTANTLY

These 7 words are called implosion words because once someone hears them everything else they are thinking comes to a STOP.

Help is one of these words. When you say help the mind stops and thinks: “Help who? Help what?
What do you mean help?” – There’s a place in the mind that pauses just for a minute.

Here are the other implosion words: now, secret, stop, imagine, new, next and of course sex!

If you go to Barnes & Noble and look at all the magazines, these seven words appear more frequently than any other words on the covers. Take those seven words and count how many times they appear.

Why do these magazines use them?

Because they get you to stop whatever else it is you’re doing and open the magazine!

These words cause an implosion in your mind. They make you stop and now you want to know what they’re talking about.


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