The 4-Step Formula To Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generating Machine

How many leads does your website generate every month? I’m guessing not as many as you’d like…

Experience shows that many Realtors and Lenders have a website, but not many are using it to generate a consistent flow of leads every month.

When you build a website, pay attention to the people you wish to attract – people buying or selling a home.  Let's use your website as a direct marketing machine, not a billboard, and I guarantee you'll get more leads and more new clients.

This easy 4-step formula will help you transform your website from a billboard to a direct response lead-generating machine. It's taken straight from page C-49 in the Main Event Live Workbook.

Winning Eyeballs

The first thing you need to do is get eyeballs. The best way to do this is to "Hurl your URL." Print your URL (website address) on everything – flyers, postcards, business cards, signs, etc. Your mission is to get as many eyeballs as you can on your URL.

The more eyeballs you can get on your URL, the more email addresses you'll get into your database. It's about getting their name "in" here (your database), not your name "out" there.

Winning Emails

When prospects visit your web page, it is important to offer them something of value for FREE, such as a free report on a subject that will interest them.

If the subject does interest them, they’ll leave their contact information, and this gives you the opportunity to begin a relationship. (I've done exactly that over there at the top of the right column on this page.)

Try some of these ideas:

►Offer a free report on local home prices
►Have them sign up for access to a free ebook
    (The subject should relate directly to your target market)
►Offer a subscription to your e-newsletter
►Offer a free email consultation or service
    (Have them fill out a web form with their questions and needs)
►Hold a contest where visitors must fill in their email addresses to enter
►Hold an interactive poll and ask visitors to email their vote or opinion

Winning Hearts

Once you have a prospect's email address you need to win their hearts, because nothing can happen until a prospect is willing to share the desires of their heart. And they won’t share their heart until they trust you.

If you’ve done your target market analysis, you know what they really want and what they perceive as obstacles. Use your insight to give them a safe opportunity to share with you.

Here are some ideas of things you can offer a prospect to win their heart:

►Free HomeFinder service by email
►Free home loan analysis
►Free online pre-approval
►Free custom printouts of homes in their price range

Winning Faces

Only when you’ve won their hearts will they show their faces. This is when you take them out of the cyber relationship into a real relationship.

What opportunities are you presenting them to meet with you?

Here are some ideas:

►Free home buyer workshop
►Tour of homes
►Group showing
►Personal buyer/seller/loan consultation


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