How A Simple Hand-Written Note Brings In High-Quality Leads

In more than 25 years of helping real estate professionals like you, I’ve seen thousands of agents who were missing a HUGE opportunity to get high-quality leads for their business.

These agents were literally losing thousands of dollars in commissions every month…

Why??? Because they didn’t stay in touch with their past clients.

Experience shows that one of the easiest and most effective ways to stay in touch with your past clients is by sending a client newsletter every month.

If you're not sending a monthly client newsletter to your past clients, then you're losing thousands of dollars in commissions every month. It’s as simple as that.

(You can send one as soon as TODAY using the By Referral Only newsletter system – and you can try it right now for $1 – Click Here.)

If you are sending a client newsletter every month, add a handwritten notetry adding a personal handwritten note to each one. It may take you a bit longer, but the extra time will pay off when your phone starts ringing with people asking for your help.

Add a personal note in your next newsletter…and I guarantee your responses will SOAR!

It works for Nora – and it will work for you, too. Check out her story below….

Nora's Phone Started Ringing Off The Hook

By Referral Only Family Member Nora Manka, recently added a note in three of her newsletters…and her phone started ringing OFF THE HOOK…

“I added a handwritten note in my last two Client Newsletters. I sold five homes off one newsletter with the handwritten note enclosed. It works for me! People really pay attention to that handwritten message. It’s been ridiculously good!”

My first three notes brought me 30 calls referring me to friends & family, people I hadn’t helped before. I closed 14 transactions for $40,000 in commissions in a really short time frame."

“I use 8½ x 11 paper and my note is no more than five sentences. I use big handwriting, ‘Sincerely, Nora,’ very basic, very easy to read. I've included topics about a program where the government was helping with down payments; and an invitation to call if they were curious to learn what their house was worth. I print the note on different-colored paper each month and I don’t use yellow paper because my newsletter is on yellow paper. I fold the note in quarters, then put it on top of the front page, fold the newsletter in half, & put seals on the newsletter so my note won’t fall out until they open the newsletter."

“So, they open the newsletter and then out falls my note. I didn’t do anything more – It made my phone ring off the hook!"

The sooner YOU begin sending out a client newsletter EVERY MONTH, the sooner it starts to pay for itself twenty or thirty times over. I can’t tell you how soon it will be before you get your first lead (usually in the first month), but I can tell you this for sure: if you don’t start doing it regularly, it won’t work at all.

Try the client newsletter now for $1 – we've made it easy for you. We write the newsletter and all you do is personalize it (don’t forget your handwritten note), then print and mail it.

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