Seven Easy Steps To Create An Effective Lead Generator

Main Event Live Workbook

Experience shows that traditional real estate advertising tries to appeal to
all people – and with limited success.

Imagine if you could design your marketing and advertising to attract only
the people who were already thinking of buying or selling a home, who
were interested in a specific area and price range of homes?

Here's a 7 step checklist that will instantly improve your marketing.

I guarantee if you follow this checklist you'll spend less on advertising AND you'll get more business from motivated and highly qualified clients.

This is page C-6, pulled straight from the 234-page Main Event Live Workbook .

1. Have I Selected a Single Target Market?

Narrow your focus to a very specific area of your city and the price range for that area.

2. Do I Have a Compelling Offer?

The key is to make a low-resistance offer that encourages prospects to take their first baby step toward you. Lead with a giving hand by offering information of value to them, even if they don’t do business with you. The less threatening you can make your offer, the better. Free recorded messages have almost no resistance, while a personal visit with you has high resistance.

3. Does My Offer Tell the Complete Story? Your audience should understand your offer just by reading your headline or some simple text in your advertisement.

4. Does it Look Like Valuable Information? When you see an advertisement, your brain is conditioned to tune out the message by filtering it through your “Advertising Protection Radar.” When your message offers clear, valuable information, it gets through the filter in their brain.

5. Am I Using Conversational Language? The best way to communicate is to write to your audience as if you were speaking to them in person. Don’t use short, punchy language – use conversational language. Next time you write an ad or postcard, ask yourself, “Would I pay someone to go door-to-door personally delivering that message?” If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it in your ads.

6. Is it Absolutely Clear What I Want the Reader to Do Next? Make sure your readers know exactly what they’re supposed to do next. Don’t confuse them with multiple telephone numbers, email addresses and websites. Instead, lead them to take one simple step like calling your free recorded message or visiting your website for valuable information.

7. Have I Used the Words “Free Recorded Message”? In test after test, it’s been proven that those three words are as close to magic as you can get in marketing. Enabling people to get information anonymously lowers their barrier of resistance tremendously. Try it – you’ll see an immediate increase in the number of responses to your ad.

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