Convert More Leads And Close More Deals With This Simple Technique

Have you ever had a client that had a poor experience with another Realtor or Lender?

An experience that YOU ended up paying for because no matter what you did you could never make them happy?

Now imagine how it would feel if you had the skill to redirect your clients out of their negative past experience and into their positive future with you as their skilled real estate consultant.

It's really easy to learn how to do this.

And it will help your prospects and clients make better decisions, so you get more of your leads converted to loyal clients and more of your clients turned into closed transactions and commission checks.

You can incorporate this skill into your business today. Watch the video below and I'll show you exactly how to do it….

5 minutes of powerful training taken straight from the Magic Words Dojo And The Magic Words That Negotiate Agreements Card Deck (the Black Deck).

I guarantee it will help you get more signed contracts and close those deals that seem hopelessly stuck.



Jesse And The Savvy Taxi Driver

I taught this dialogue to members of the BRO community at our Bankable Results Summit. After the event Jesse Ibanez relayed this story to us…

"After the Bankable Results Summit I was taking a cab home from the airport and got a call from my friend in Scottsdale. He’s a regional manager for a major restaurant chain, and he had a big problem he had to face with his general Manager.

"He asked me for some advice and, while fresh in my mind, I shared with him the Queen of Hearts: How To Negotiate The Non-Negotiable.

"We went through it and I role-played with him, and after he felt comfortable with the pattern, said goodbye. Good timing, too, because I was right in front of my house.

"The cab stopped and as we got out, I noticed a little spring in the cab driver’s step as he rushed to the trunk to get my bags.

"I asked him about the fare and he looked at me with a little smile, and he said in a really thick accent, “I know it is not negotiable, but, would you be willing to pay a little extra because gas is really expensive and I need every dollar I can get?”

"And he smiled a big, wonderful smile.

"I was so moved, I wanted to hug this complete stranger! I had gotten $40 at the ATM just minutes before. The cab fare was about $25 with a good tip. I was so impressed that I gave him the whole $40. Now, I don’t know who monitors these things and sends me those ROI emails, but if you’re keeping score, that’s a pretty good ratio: seven Magic Words that got him a 60 percent tip!"

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