Let’s Tell Your Past Clients – And Everyone They Know – How The Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension May Benefit Them

I know that you know that earlier this month, the U.S. government extended the first-time home buyer $8,000 tax credit. Plus, this program has expanded to include a credit of up to $6,500 for many current homeowners. News headlines come and go very quickly, and it's likely that people in your database missed this piece of news. I want to help you let them know so they – or someone they know – will call and ask for your help. I believe there has never been a better time to act than – now. I've created a postcard, which I just gave to all the members of the By Referral Only Community. Now I'm giving it to you to help you generate new leads quickly. Mail it to everyone in your database – today if possible, tomorrow at the latest. Here's my coaching for you to get quick results:

  1. Become absolutely familiar with all the guidelines of this tax credit extension – who's qualified, limits, and deadlines – so you can answer questions when people call.
  2. Call or email us to get the postcard. There are Realtor and Lender versions available in both Publisher and Word, just like the Evidence of Success postcards we create for the By Referral Only Community.
  3. Personalize the postcard, print it on yellow cardstock, and apply your mailing labels and first-class postage. Mail the postcard today, tomorrow at the latest.
  4. This is THE KEY TO GETTING RESULTS: On Monday, November 30, commit one hour to following up your postcard with calls to the Top 10 past clients in your sphere of influence to reiterate your offer of a free one-hour consultation for them or someone they know.

Here's An Example Of The Postcard. Mortgage Professionals – This Works For You, Too…

Here's How To Get This Postcard And Start Generating High-Quality Leads For Your Business

Send an email to marketing_nuggets@byreferralonly.com with the subject "Send Me The Postcard", and we'll email you the postcard. As I said, the key to getting Bankable Results from this postcard is the language you use when you make the follow-up calls. We can help you with those calls. Just add the words "I want the Magic Words" to your email and we'll schedule a time with you to walk through the Magic Words dialogue to use when you make the follow-up calls. Plus –we'll take the time to help you build a specific plan customized for your business and your market, so you can get consistent, predictable results every month for your business. Or…just call us right now at 888-382-3796 and ask for the tax credit postcard, the Magic Words dialogue and tell us the best time to schedule your consultation. It’s 100% FREE And Guaranteed To Help You Get Bankable Results In Your Business

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