How You Can Generate Leads Without Cold Calling, Farming Or Door Knocking

Did you know that there’s an untapped goldmine in your business? It’s your relationships.

Take a look at this video and learn how current By Referral Only Community member Eve Friske will go from 7 transactions in 2009 to 17 in 2010. Simply by focusing on her current clients, rather than cold calling and chasing unfamiliar leads – and how you can too.

This is taken straight from the By Referral Only Power Productivity program that’s available to you as a member of the community.

Watch the video below and you’ll learn…

  • How To Get More Referrals By Using These Powerful Magic Words
  • The Common Myth About How And Why People Refer
  • When the Likelihood That Someone Will Refer You Is At It’s Highest
  • 3 Secrets To Getting More Leads From Your Open Houses
When you get these things right, new business just pours in. You become an expert and reach your goals. Your business gets much easier – and more profitable.

Watch and enjoy…

Want To Know More About Power Productivity, The 30/30 Program And The Strategies Mentioned In This Video?
Call us today at 888-382-3796 and we’ll show you the specific dialogue Eve learned and the 30/30 program to your past clients. We’ll hand-pick a strategy for your unique business to get YOUR phone ringing with ready-to-act buyers.
Start building a business that gives you MORE COMMISSIONS and MORE TIME so you start enjoying your real estate career again.

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