How To Use Direct Mail To Dominate Your Market

This week, we’re taking a page out of The Main Event Live Workbook (literally) and showing you how to jump-start your lead generation efforts (the Before Unit of your business).

The tips below are taken straight from page C-1 of the 234-page Main Event Live Workbook that comes with the Main Event Live Home Study Course. (Special bonus inside).

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For years using direct mail meant “farming” an area with calendars, recipes, flower seeds in the spring, and pumpkins in the fall. It took a long time to gain awareness, and it was an expensive proposition.

Now you can use targeted direct mail to go from totally unknown in an area, to total dominance, in as little as six to 12 carefully chosen weeks.

These profit pointers will help you maximize your return and dominate your market.

Choose Who You’ll Mail To By Demography
Instead Of Geography

The biggest mistake agents and lenders make is choosing an area by ZIP code instead of by the kind of house and customer. If you just choose a ZIP code you could have all kinds of different homes in that area, from starter homes to luxury homes, and you won’t be able to target your message as much as if you’d chosen a particular type of home.

An example of this might be to choose moderate three bedroom homes that are priced between $150K to $200K regardless of where they are geographically. Now you know that the homeowners are more likely to be in a very similar life situation, and probably very good candidates for moving up to a bigger home.

Knowing this, you can create offers and messages that are much more specific.

Stack The Deck In Your Favor

As important as knowing whom to mail to, is knowing whom NOT to mail to.

A great way to stack the deck in your favor is to do a little research to find out, on average, how long people in this price range stay in their homes before selling, and mail to homeowners who have lived in their homes around that length of time.

Let’s say you’ve chosen three-bedroom moderate homes as your target, and you’ve discovered that, on average, these homeowners move somewhere between three to five years. If you select homes that fall into that category only, you’re significantly raising the odds in your favor.

To figure out these numbers, run off a list of sales in the last 12 months (which you’ll use again in the next section), notice when the sellers bought the property, and average the numbers to get a good idea of what your target range should be.

Your title company should be able to help you with this.

Know Your Market Cycle

Go back to your list of sales for your target market, chart out on a graph when the sales actually took place, and you’ll notice how your market has two main cycles – a MAJOR and a MINOR cycle. If you map it out on a graph, it will probably look like a roller coaster with two peaks. The highest peak (probably in the Spring) is the apex of your major cycle, and the lower peak (probably early Fall) is the apex of your minor cycle.

The six weeks leading up to the peaks, and the six weeks after the peaks, probably account for 80% of all sales in your market. Chart it out. You’ll be surprised.

Measure Results, Not Response

The most frustrating thing you can do is expect a certain response rate to your mailings. You need to realize that what’s important in direct mail like this is the result you get.

Measure your success by the number of homeowners you meet against the number of homes that actually come on the market in the time you’re mailing. What matters is the percentage of homes you’re listing relative to how many are coming on the market.

If you mail for six weeks, and 10 homes come on the market, how many of those homes did you know about and how many sellers did you have a chance to talk to? If you got two listings of the 10 that came on the market, you’ve gotten a 20% share of the possible market.

Another way to stack the deck in your favor is to make sure your mail follows proven direct response principles.

We cover these proven principles and more in the Main Event Live Home Study Course, and we give you field-tested postcards, letters and ads you can mail immediately – and we’ll show you how to build a direct response lead generation system that brings you a consistent flow of quality leads – anytime you need them…

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