How To Gracefully Avoid Awkward Silences

When you embrace the philosophy around asking for introductions and referrals eventually you’re going to encounter situations where there's an awkward silence when you ask.

So it's important to have a thought-provoking response to help you move away from that awkward space…and still plant the seed for future introductions.

When you ask your client for a referral and they say “I can’t think of anyone at the moment,” and then there is awkward silence, try the Queen of Clubs From The Magic Words That Get Referrals Card Deck…

There are a lot of subtle neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques working for you in this dialogue…check out the video below from the By Referral Only Magic Words Dojo, and I'll explain how this dialogue works on a subconscious level with your clients.

What happens when you imagine yourself watching this video and learning how to feel comfortable using this dialogue?

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