Get Leads When You Receive A Compliment

How do you respond when your client says "Thank You"?

Most likely you say something like, “No problem” or “You’re welcome”.

If you do – you’re missing a golden opportunity to ask for and get an introduction to someone who is looking to buy or sell a home.

By Referral Only member Nima Kangahi missed out on this same opportunity, because he didn't know how to respond when he delivered value to his clients.

Then Nima learned the Queen of Spades from my Magic Words That Get Referrals Card Deck. Now he knows exactly what to say to ask for and get a referral every time his clients say "thank you".

Check out his story in the video below…

"Yes – This is Working! I'm Getting Referrals"



How To Turn Compliments Into Referrals



Want to practice what you just learned?

Give us a call and one of my personally trained Business Development Coaches will help you.

Start building a business that gives you MORE REFERRALS, MORE COMMISSIONS and MORE TIME so you start enjoying your real estate career again.

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