Magic Words To Get An Introduction To Your Next Client TODAY

When was the last time someone mentioned to you that they knew someone (a friend, a family
member, a co-worker…whoever) who was thinking about moving or refinancing?

What did you do and say in that exact moment?

Most agents and lenders would have simply buried their hand into their pocket, pulled
out their business card and handed it over, stammering out something like
“Great – here’s my card. Make sure you tell them about me.”

And for most agents and lenders it would have ended right there.
No introduction, no referral, no new client. No commission check.

Imagine how much money you could be losing by not doing or saying the right thing in that moment.

In this video I tell you exactly how to guarantee you get that new client and extra commission check.


Orchestrate the conversation and go from suggestion, to action, to introduction in a matter of seconds with these powerful Magic Words loaded with persuasive, yet subtle language patterns.

Magic Words: (2 of Diamonds From The Magic Words That Get Referrals Card Deck)

Client says, “My mom is thinking about moving/refinancing.” You say, “Would you be comfortable telling your mom about me? Client says, “Yes.” You say, “I know that telling your mom is the easy part. I also know that getting me and your mom into a conversation is the hard part. I’m curious, what do you think the best way would be to make sure that your mom and I get into a conversation very soon?”


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