Here’s A Great Way To Find Buyers – And You Can Do It Today

Question: Who is the person most likely to introduce you to your next client?

Answer: The person who was referred to you that has not yet referred anyone. These people are twice as likely to refer you as any other person in your relationship base.

Action: Today, make a list of three people who were referred to you that have not yet referred anyone. Then call each of them and use the Magic Words below. (you can customize the words to target first-time buyers, move-up buyers, trophy home buyers, etc. ).

This will work for getting new listings as well. The key is to be very specific about the type of buyer or seller you're looking for.

 This is a great way to find new clients. And you can do it today.

Click the play button below and I'll explain this easy, low-cost strategy in less than four minutes…


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Magic Words That Get Referrals

Hi Dean, this is Joe. I was thinking about you and how Eben was kind enough to introduce you to me.

Dean, I was wondering who you know that is in a similar situation that you were in, when Eben introduced us… pause…a person like you, who wants to buy their first home so they can reduce their tax liability.…pause…the reason I ask is, there are some great starter homes on the market today, with low down payment financing, that make owning a home actually cheaper than renting….pause…

The next time you’re in a conversation with someone you care about and they mention they would love to own their first home, would you call me and do your best to introduce me, just like Eben did for you?


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