Get More Leads By Focusing On “Them”
Rather Than “You”

If you’ve adopted traditional real estate marketing strategies, you’re probably concentrating your efforts in one or both of these:

Getting your name and picture “out there” so you’re visible
Unfocused marketing – demonstrate that you can do it all

The problem with this traditional marketing approach of “Get your name and picture out there” is that… IT'S EXPENSIVE AND IT DOESN’T WORK.

Why? Because this kind of marketing is all about YOU and what YOU want.

Try a non-traditional series of marketing campaigns where it’s all about them – the prospective home-buyer or seller – your future client.

This is a shift from getting your name out "there" to getting their name in "here" (your database).

Then you can build a relationship that will lead to contracts, closings, commission checks and referrals.

This Is Better Than Any Advertising I’ve Ever Done

Jim Giesbrecht, with RE/MAX Little Oak Realty, implemented a simple By Referral Only lead generation campaign – here's what he had to say:

“I’ve done the Ugly Yellow Signs for only three weekends and it’s already brought me 3 buyers – that’s about $20,000 in potential commissions!

“This is better than any advertising I’ve ever done in the past. Last year I spent I don’t know how many hundreds of dollars sending out glossy color photos of myself and my listing and listings that I borrowed from somebody else, and I never got one call off anything. I mean, nothing. Zero."

If you think you need to spend hundreds of dollars on your advertising to get quality leads than you're not getting the most out of your hard-earned dollar.


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