Get Quality Leads Without Spending A Dime

If you knew a simple phone call to a past client would bring in another new client, how quickly would you pick up the phone and make that call?

Craig LaMar, with The Craig LaMar Consultant group @ Crye-Leike, Alabama, made the call and he got 2 high-quality leads that will lead to $14,250 in commissions.

Here's what Craig said…

“Because of the system of calling through your referral tree when you receive a referral, and using Joe Stumpf’s 4 of Spades from the Magic Words That Get Referrals Card Deck, I now have all this work to do! :-)

“I received a referral from one of my Top 150 about a family relocating here. I previewed properties with them (potential $15,000 commission). I got back to the office and called the referrer to thank them. Then I had a few minutes, so what the heck…I called the person who had referred me to the person who just gave me the referral.

That person is looking for acreage to build ($3,750 commission), plus he gave me the name of a family member who is moving this year. I then called the person who referred that person to me, and now I have to do a CMA for their home because they are looking to make a move ($10,500 commission)."

This Is The Dialogue Craig Used To Get 2 High-Quality Leads Without Spending A Dime…

This Magic Words Card Is One Of More Than 200 Moneymaking Scripts
Inside The Magic Words Dojo – Enjoy!


Now's the perfect time to re-connect with past clients!

Give us a call at 888-382-3796 and one of my personally trained Business Development Coaches will help you practice this conversation so you can go get those referrals.

Start building a business that gives you MORE REFERRALS, MORE COMMISSIONS and MORE TIME so you start enjoying your real estate career again.

If you’re ready to get referrals NOW and you're ready to try what "typical" salespeople would never do, then call us today at 888-382-3796.

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