Are You Standing Knee-Deep In “Should”?

Living a life of “should do” versus a life of “must do” is one of 7 productivity killers that will prevent you from achieving success you deserve.

This week I’ll show you how to clear your mind of “should dos”, so you can focus your efforts on creating more quality leads, making more money, and becoming more fulfilled in your business and your life.

This video is taken straight from week 1 of Power Productivity Level 1, a 12-week productivity training you get as a member of the By Referral Only Community.

I know you’re like me and you’re looking for every possible way to increase your personal productivity because you know that's the difference that makes the difference.

So watch the video, clear your mind and take the first step to becoming powerfully productive…

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I could get more done in a day or a week or even a year” or maybe during your life?

Power Productivity means producing a personal and business structure that creates enough value for others so you consistently and predictably make money, have fun and feel fulfilled.

Quite honestly, in today’s economic environment there is nothing more important right now for you to learn.

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“We all know that the elusive ‘Silver Bullet’ to success doesn’t exist. However, Joe’s very own ‘jewel,’ Power Productivity, comes pretty close. It’s been said, ‘If nothing changes, nothing changes.’ Make the decision today to create a better tomorrow. Commit to Power Productivity today!”  

- Jimmy Wakimoto Member since 2007


“I highly recommend going through Power Productivity! You will thank yourself! I am so grateful I did! Do not delay! Especially in these economic times. Your clients need you! They feel frustrated and stuck. And we need to be strong for them. In order for you to bring the best you to each day, you need to go through this program.

“There are many gems you will find in the Power Productivity program. I would highly recommend for any new (or even seasoned members!), go through Power Productivity! “

- Nyssa Smith Member since 2007

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